Social Arts Handbook
Social Arts Handbook

Social Arts Handbook

Every day you play social games: impress the boss, dating, onboarding, giving feedback. Learn how the wrong rules and roles can negatively affect your social interactions. Make work, family and relationships easier to navigate today.


This handbook introduces a new way of thinking about socializing and social design. It will help you conceptualise how to: 1) Design better social processes and environments for work teams, classrooms, online platforms, co-living spaces, or other groups 2) Become more skilled at navigating difficult social situations If the ideas presented here seem useful to you, sign up to our database of practices, or schedule time with a Social Arts Trainer for 1-1 Coaching or Game Designer Training

Introduction: Playing Social Games

A framework for human interaction.

Difficulty and Skill in Social Games
Grounded vs. Un-grounded Play

PART 1: Lowering Difficulty

How can good social designs support personal values and grounded play?

Structural Features and Hard Steps
Team Values Articulation: Honesty
Social Game Designs (Examples)

PART 2: Raising Skill


Coming Soon — PART 2: Raising Skill


'Game Changing Workshop'

Presentation Slides 30.12.20

How Can Improve My Social Arts Skills?

Single Player Games for Raising Ability


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Social Arts makes use of Human-Systems Methods

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