Social Game Designs (Examples)

Social Game Designs (Examples)

This page contains a few examples of small-scale social game designs. But as explained in the article Difficulty and Ability in Social Games, any social situation could potentially be designed or re-designed in this way. Click around to see how everything you read in the previous articles can be applied.

Online Ritual for a Kundalini Healing Mantra
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In the first stages of the Corona crisis in 2020, many communities were forced to move online. This meant that groups like the Kundalini Yoga Circle (KYC) in Berlin had to try to connect without established forms, times, and places. Klaudia Lev, one of the leaders of KYC wanted to lead a mantra singing session, but was unsure of how to create the right atmosphere over zoom. I interviewed her about the values she wanted to have supported, and created a custom ritual as a container for the mantra.

A Team Member Leaves Human Systems
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When someone leaves a close-knit team, those who will remain often struggle to process the emotional and interpersonal impact of the change. Having cake and sharing a few stories about working together can feel empty and formulaic. So in early 2020, when a member of the Human Systems team (Caroline Goethel) decided to leave the organization and train as a facilitator for shamanic vision quests, I interviewed the team and created a custom ritual to mark this momentous occasion.

Opening the "Beehive" Burner Camp
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As anyone involved in community planning knows, opening and closing a space of togetherness is essential for creating a sense of coherence and cohesion in time. The German gathering of Burning Man (Kiez Burn) didn't take place as planned in 2020. Nevertheless, 33 members of a camp calling itself "The Beehive" decided to meet in a castle outside of Halle for a mini-gathering. I interviewed a few members of the crew and designed a custom ritual for initiating the weekend.

Games for Anne's 30th Birthday
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Anne turned 30 years old on July 17th, 2020. Her friends wanted to celebrate in a way that wasn't just a party, but gave her space to think about how to enter a new decade of life. They asked me to create a ritual in which the various relationships in her friend group could come to expression, in which they could voice what they appreciate about Anne, and in which Anne could explore her desires for her new decade. I interviewed Anne and her friends in order to create a deeply meaningful custom birthday ritual. This ritual consists of three games for Anne to play with her guests.

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